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Feb 22-25 Brunswick Landing Marina- Georgia

We saw this tug coming into  the Marina on Monday, and Andy said it was the type of boat he was originally wanted to buy-  He also liked the name on it.IMG_4891On Monday night after having several glasses or wine and Beer, we went with Billy, Maryellen and Tom to Fox Pizza, as the Basil Thai restaurant is closed on Monday.  The food there was excellent, and because we were patrons of the Marina we got 10% off—even better!

On Tuesday we went to the clubhouse to do laundry, several of the machines were busy so we had to wait, but they have an extensive library, so I was able to pick up a book to read.  The main yacht club building is a bit of a hike- so we used the free Marina bikes to get there and back.  Later in the afternoon we went and walked around on the main street called Newcastle, and ended up at the Thai restaurant for an early supper—I had a red curry with chicken that was great.  While there a rain cloud passed over and it poured for several minutes and then a rainbow appeared. Once again we got a discount on our bill because we came from the marina.

Tuesday night we went up to the south boaters lounge and watched a little TV and kept an eye on the tornado front that was moving across Louisiana , Alabama and Florida.  We made the decision to stay in Brunswick an additional day, as the predicted winds would be unfavourable for leaving the dock on Wednesday.

Here’s some pictures of the waves and swells around our dock on Wednesday we added a couple of more lines to help reduce the bouncing.  We think that the wind was gusting  well over 45 mph at times.IMG_4893


IMG_4901On Wednesday Angelia from S/V Winedog, took us grocery shopping in the commercial area of Brunswick.    Later in the afternoon, Angelia and her husband Andy came over for a drink and some shrimp.  After supper we skyped with Jack and he  practiced his reading by   telling us part of the Runaway Mummy story.

With Super Tuesday and the  Georgia Primary being part of it — I saw this sign posted near the Marina- so had to include it.IMG_4904I can’t say enough good things about this marina- FREE wine&beer, laundry,  bottled water, pump out,  secure reliable internet, clean washrooms/ showers and discounts at some of the local restaurants  for  only $1.50/foot.  The posted price for Diesel is $1.49/Gallon– we will be filling up before leaving.  This is one of the better places that we’ve been to in the past 4 months!

February 25

The wind blew on and off during the night, and it has now changed to the  west and diminished a little. The plan is to move on and spend the weekend in Savannah at Thunderbolt.