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In Thunderbolt Georgia

We left Brunswick at 9:30 on Thursday and followed  various tributaries  for many hours.


We  were told that we would see lots of wildlife on this part of the trip- does this look like wild life to you?


We passed through acres and acres of marshland that looked like it could be fields of some IMG_4919type of grain, however with the tides in Georgia, some of these fields likely get  flooded twice a day.  Maybe they should be growing rice. The wind blew  most of Thursday, and we had very little cover in the marshland.


IMG_4910 As well we had to traverse through several sounds  (inlets from the Atlantic)  or cuts in order to get from one river system to the next.  On Thursday  we went through  St. Simon, Altamaha, Doboy, and  Sapelo Sounds.  The water in each of these areas was quite choppy and we were tossed around, the boat also acquired a new layer of salt because of all the splashing.



We had wanted to go about half way to Savannah, which is just over a 100 miles from Brunswick but we found that  the first anchorage we had chosen had no trees and because of the wind  we didn’t feel comfortable staying there, so we wen another 10 miles and ended up anchoring in Walburg Creek at 5:00 with trees and houses to the east of us

IMG_4915and marsh field to the west. (at low tide this  marker is on the bank)

IMG_4916Since this was just over 65  miles, it made for a shorter day on Friday.  The wind died down a little in the evening but  it was high tide at 10 pm, low tide at 4 am and then rising tide again, so we swung around a little in the channel.

We woke up Friday and it was 43 F,  a little chilly- we turned on the generator and heat pump to warm up the boat before setting off for the day. On Friday we only had to go through two sounds- St. Catherines, and Ossabawa, which were a little rough.

IMG_4920 We also had to go through a narrow shallow  channel called Hell’s Gate, but because we were there a mid- tide, we didn’t have any less than 8 feet of water.  Near Isle of Hope I saw this Georgian  beach house/mansion.


We arrived at Thunderbolt Marina around noon.  We rinsed off the boat,  took showers and then went to a near by restaurant for supper.  Tomorrow we are going to take a bus into Savannah and do some sightseeing