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Our trip home to Winnipeg

August 25-26

Our friends picked us up at about 4:30 Thursday to drive us to Hamilton, where we were catching our plane on Friday.  Here’s the last picture of us with On Business, I don’t understand why the captain isn’t frowning like me.  Oh Yeah, he doesn’t have to go back to work full-time on Monday.IMG_8960We arrived at our hotel  near the airport by 8:00 and checked in. Andy got to watch a CFL football game on TV, which was a treat for him.

On Friday morning, Brian and Helen dropped us off at the John C. Munroe airport before 8 a.m.  Our flight was scheduled for a 10 a.m. departure.   Here are the Newleaf prices if you book your checked and carry on luggage when you book your flight, the prices are more economical.  It pays to plan ahead.IMG_8961The airline is very efficient, they started boarding the plane at 9:25, and everyone was on and the door sealed by 9:45.  We left almost 15 minutes early, and no waiting for other planes, like we would have had at Toronto.IMG_8962  We arrived in Winnipeg at 11:30- 30 minutes early.    Great service!  My friend Shirley, was picking us up and bringing our car, so we had to wait a few minutes for her.

After a few stops, we arrived at our dirt home, our house was immaculate.IMG_8964After having something to eat, I walked over to the hair dressers to get some of my sun-bleached hair cut off.    I then spent some time playing in the dirt:  weeding — I enjoy playing in the dirt and find it relaxing  just like boating and really missed my garden. We bbq’d and watched more football in the evening.   We realized that our house phone wasn’t working- so will have to get that rectified on Monday.    I changed the garden flag outside the house to  this one that I had bought in the southern states.IMG_8963This was in the mail:   making it official– WE ARE GOLD LOOPERS!IMG_8966I may not post for a while, unless something exciting happens.