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Returning to the Trent Severn Waterway- didn’t we do enough locks already?

August 14:

We left Cedar Springs shortly after 8:30, and followed the channel out to the Severn Sound.;  It was windy and there were waves  bouncing us around.IMG_8837 IMG_8841After passing the cardinal buoy we headed towards the channel going around Green island.IMG_8844We met a looper boat Bright Angel coming out from Port Severn.  We were through the Port Severn lock by 10:30 and continued on to the Big Chute.   We arrived at the Chute just before noon,IMG_8849 and lock through almost immediately with 3 other smaller boats.IMG_8852We tied up on the top of the lock.  At about 2:30,  my sister and brother-in-law arrived.IMG_8859

IMG_8857  They were on their way to Brampton for the 55+ Canada games, where Gord would be playing slopitch.   We went to the Big Chute Marina for supper,

IMG_2182and then they were on their way towards Brampton.  We went for ice cream and then returned to the boat.

On Monday we left the Chute at about 9:30  after we watched Hobo, a looper boat go through the chute.IMG_8863We were headed towards Swift Rapids.   The gates on the lock  were opened and we went right in.  We were through by 11:05.   We continued on to Couchiching lock, going relatively slowly through narrow stretches, with lots of cottages, I liked these yards.IMG_8879 IMG_8880 IMG_8881 In the north end of Sparrow Lake we saw this boat, and it didn’t look  like it was sitting right.IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8875We later learned from the lockmaster at Couchiching  that the boat was rushing to make the next lock and obviously missed a turn. Looks like an expensive mistake!

Upon arriving at Couchiching we went through almost immediately and were tied up by 1:15.

We booked out flights to come home next Friday, August 26th, so the packing and cleaning in preparation for putting the boat up for the winter has begun.  The weather prediction for Tuesday is  heavy rain and wind– wouldn’t be a good day for crossing Lake Simcoe, so we may be staying put.