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Bobcaygeon to Couchiching 72 miles on the TSW in 3 days


July 31- August 2

We left Bobcaygeon on Sunday morning shortly after 9 and crossed Sturgeon Lake,  it was a fairly busy day on the waterways, since it was Sunday of the long weekend.  We were through Lock 34 at Fenlon Falls by 11:40.IMG_8404 IMG_8405We entered Cameron Lake,  and continued to Fells Bay, where the Edney cottage was.IMG_8406   We anchored out, and used the dinghy to motor into shore.  We likely hadn’t used the motor since late December and it needed a bit of a workout.IMG_0860We stopped and visited for a couple of hours with Mike’s relatives.IMG_0861Mike’s uncle Byron and a couple cousin’s came out to the trawler in a powerboat.  When we were ready to leave, Mike joined us for a ride up to the next lock at Rosedale,IMG_8410which was only a couple of miles away.  Sydney and Franziska joined us at the lock and actually locked through with us.IMG_8408Not too exciting it was only a 4 foot drop.  We tied up at Rosedale Lock 35 at 4:30  for the evening.

On Monday, we left at about 9:15,  and went through our the narrow Trent Canal into Balsam Lake.    Balsam lake is reported to be 857 feet above sea level and the highest point on the TSW.    This is also the highest point in the world that a boat can reach from the sea under it’s own power.  From now on all our locking will be in the  downward direction.    We saw these cottages on Balsam Lake.IMG_8418 IMG_8419Leaving Balsam lake we again entered a very narrow rock cut through the Canadian Shield, and ended up meeting 3 boats– very tight quarters!IMG_8444and came out in Mitchell Lake, another portion of the narrow Trent call took us to the second lift lock at Kirkfield Lock  at 11:00.IMG_8464

IMG_8465Here’s the view of the empty red chairs from above and below.IMG_8456 IMG_8462It was a quick trip down, and only took a couple of minutes to go down 49 feet.     We then entered Canal lake, which is quite shallow and weedy.      We  went through the Hole in the wall bridge.IMG_8470Upon exiting the lake we entered the Talbot river, which took us through the Locks at Bolsover,IMG_8477TalbotIMG_8482and Portage.IMG_8484We decided to spend the night at Portage #39, and  tied up at 1:45.  We were the only boat on the upper  wall.  Andy amused himself with fishing in the evening after he changed the oil on the two engines.     We heard someone calling our names, and saw Living life, Loopers  from Peterborough, go through the lock.IMG_8483Here’s the view from the boat in the evening.IMG_8485On Tuesday we locked through Portage at 9:20, and then Thorah at 9:35 and finally GamebridgeIMG_8490at 10:00.  We entered Lake Simcoe at 10:10, here’s the breakwall.IMG_8496I was a relatively calm morningIMG_8504and  we were across the lake before noon.  We then entered the narrows shortly after noon,IMG_8506to get to  Lake Couchiching.  In places the marked channel was narrow, with many rocks encroaching .IMG_8515We entered another segment of the Trent canal and were stopped for over 45 minutes  waiting for a train  to cross   the swing bridge at mile 209.IMG_8526The train took over 8 minutes to cross the bridge and then two bridge tenders appeared to be inspecting the bridge prior to opening it.    We arrived a Couchiching Lock #42 at 2:10IMG_8533and decided to stay on the top, to get some breeze.  It is approaching 35 C outside and is  unbearably hot, the captain put the generator on, so that we can run the AC.  That hasn’t happened often on this trip.  Check out the whirlpools, these are found just outside this lock.IMG_8539We met some people in boats surrounding us, and saw a looper boat lock through.   We went for a swim off the back of the boat at 6:30 to cool off.   This lock has showers, so I gladly paid the $3 to get clean in the morning.  We plan to stay here for 2 nights, as we want to be at the big chute marine railway Lock 44 on Friday as Mike and Franziska are going to meet us there and take pictures as we cross.